Professional Pharmacy Services


Compounded Medication Service

The art and science of creating medication from raw ingredients to create a product that is specific for the
needs of an individual patient.

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Health Assessments Diabetes Management NDSS sub agent

As an NDSS sub agent we stock all of your diabetic needs, including glucometers, needles, strips, insulin, information and so much more.

As part of our pharmaceutical services, all of our pharmacists are trained to offer one-on-one consultations and assessments of your current medications to help improve your medication control. How great would it be if you could reduce the number of tablets you take, walk easier, feel better or just be more comfortable with knowing what your medication is for?


SMS Reminder Pharmacy Services 

Want a FREE pharmacy service that reminds you when your prescription is ready?

Our free SMS reminder service will send you a text message when it's time to get your prescription(s) refilled, and if you respond, we'll have your prescription ready for you before you come in. How convenient is that?

We can even let you know when you've used up your last repeat or if your prescription is about to expire.


Medication Management

FREE professional pharmacy services to patients has been set up to be able to improve your medication control. All of our pharmacists are trained to offer one-on-one consultations and assessments of your current medications to help improve your medication control. How great would it be if you could reduce the number of tablets you take, walk easier, feel better or just be more comfortable with knowing what your medication is for?


Home Medicine Reviews

Do you like to have a free in-house assessment of your medication? Simply talk to your doctor or one of our staff, and as one of our special pharmaceutical services, we can organise a pharmacist to come to you, in the comfort of your own home, to perform an assessment of your medication.

Our compounding pharmacist will review your medication, let you know what your medication is for, take on board all of your concerns, ensure there are no issues, and write a comprehensive report to your doctor make any recommendations deemed necessary. Workers Compensation Claims (h2)


Workers Compensation Claims

After an injury at work or a motor vehicle accident you have enough on your mind, so let’s lighten the load! Once you have you insurance claim number and details, simply bring them into us and we'll take care of all the medication and payment paper work for you. Some criteria do apply so why not have a chat with one of our pharmacists first.



Taking medication can get confusing and as humans we can forget.

The webster-pak(R) system available at St Clair Pharmacy & News takes the hassle out of medication dosing and gives you peace of mind.

For only $4.00 per week, you can have your medication packed and checked by our pharmacy in a way that suits you and your medication dosage time. Simply pop out the tablets at the appropriate time and day and you’re done! Let us take care of the memory work for you.


Veterinary Care

St Clair has complete pharmaceutical services that include veterinary medicine with veterinary compounding capabilities.

With a pharmacist on board specialising in veterinary pharmacy we can help advise on the best option to get that medication into or onto your loved one....regardless of the animal. Or answer any other medication questions you may have.

We also stock a wide range of cat and dog Vetalogica(R) vitamin supplements to help with those situations when a vitamin will do.


Medication Flavouring

Children and adults alike rarely like the taste of medication. If you find you or one of your loved ones is struggling with taste then our special pharmaceutical service is perfect for the situation. Simply let us know and we'll change it to something yummy. We have over 40 flavours to choose from so why not try bubblegum, strawberry, or pina colada?


Hire Equipment

Crutches? Comodes? Wheelchairs? Breast pumps? and so much more. We have an extensive range of items for hire in different shapes and sizes...and if we don't have it there’s a good chance we can get it! Simply pay a deposit and hire fee, and if you bring the item back in the same condition we gave it to you in, you'll get your deposit back. It's as simple as that. So for all your hire equipment needs, think St Clair Pharmacy & News and let us help get you back on track!!


Vitamins / Herbs

In today’s days and age vitamin supplementation and complementary medicine is an essential part of our daily lives. The right combination of diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation and medication can make you feel 100% better. With a complete range of vitamins, supplements and the right advice, you can be confident that your health and well-being is our main concern. From supplements to help you recover from allergies or a basic cold, to something to complement your prescription medications, our professional pharmacy services have complete solutions.


Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics

As a Napoleon Perdis cosmetics stockist we take this part of our store very seriously. With the majority of our staff having undergone Napoleon Perdis cosmetics training, and will a qualified Napoleon Perdis cosmetics consultant on site, there will never be a time when we can't be here to help. Rebecca is always available for one on one consultation to help with colour matching, correct make up application, or just to make you look stunning for that girls night out. To view some of our range please click here.

To view some of our range please click here.


Willow Tree Figurines 

As part of our gift range we are the exclusive stockist for Willow Tree figurines by Susan Lordi. The Willow Tree range are an amazing hand crafted range of figurines that will not only add character to your home, but are collectable items that can be carried from generation to generation. Why not come in and see our range and if there’s something we don't have, choose it from the catalogue and we'll get it in for you. Today's the day to start that family tradition you've always wanted, with Willow Tree figurines.



Avoid the hustle and bustle of the major shopping centres. We have a wide range of gifts, ornaments and figurines to help you show your loved one how much you care.


Lotto / Scratchies

Nothing would say I love you like giving someone a winning scratchie or lotto ticket. With a complete range of lottery products we can sell you that winning ticket.



Not everything should be read online. What happened to the days when people read magazines, filled out crosswords and simply kicked back for a relaxing read? We have all the popular magazines and if there's one you want that we don't have, simply talk to our friendly staff and we'll get it in for you.

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As a Newspower newsagency, we keep a wide range of stationery products and Hallmark cards. Let us help you complete your stationery needs. And don't forget, when it's time to send your little ones back to school, simply drop off your list, leave it with us and we'll get it ready for you. How easy is that?


Ink Cartridges

No need to travel all over town looking for the best price for your printer cartridges. We have an extensive range of excellent priced cartridges, and if we don't have it, let us know and we'll get it in.