Gifts, Gifts, and More Gifts

Baby gifts in Port Kennedy and around Perth

Looking for something Unique, Eclectic or Original?

It's hard to describe the vast range of gifts on display at St Clair Pharmacy and News, but we'll try our best!

Willow Tree Figurines' ability express emotions is unparalleled. There is a figurine to celebrate every event in the journey of life. Each original sculpture is hand-carved, pertectly capturing moments in time that you will be able to hold on to forever. With every glance at your special figurine, you can be taken back in time to relive the moments that took your breath away. 

Hand-selected genuine fine fragrances receive pride of place in the center of our shop. Catering to an arrray of ages, tastes, and budgets, it's hard to be disappointed with the selection. Fragrance is the perfect gift if you know exactly what the recipient loves... or also makes a great last-minute pressie when you have no idea what to give!

Something for all occasions

From baptisms to remembrance plaques, and for every big birthday in between, the occasions gifts at St Clair are there when you need them.  We also carry items to celebrate christenings, naming days, confirmations, and weddings.

The general gift range is really anything but general. Eye-catching vases and artistic glass plates have become trusted staples, but the occasional owl and frog are known to make a cheeky appearance in the form of adorable figurines! Beautiful jewelled flowers and butterflies frequently adorn a selection of jewellry boxes and picture frames. For the more traditional-minded, we also have understated yet gorgeous picture frames and glassware.

Say it with a card.

Everyone knows that it's not the perfect gift with the perfect card! You can always trust Hallmark to express exactly what you're feeling.  There's also a budget range on offer, which are surprisingly stunning and affordable. From congratulations to condolences, we've got you covered.

It's clear that we cater to YOUR style (and your budget!). Whatever the occasion, you're sure to find something that will convey the perfect message at St Clair Pharmacy & News.