Pharmacist Perth, Cosmetic & Customer Service Consultant, Newsagency Manager

Our staff members are qualified, dedicated, and are waiting to serve you. We like to think of them as customer service professionals!

George - Proprietor and Compounding Pharmacist

Proprietor and Compounding Pharmacist

A native of Melbourne and a graduate of Curtin University, George has been a compounding pharmacist for over 9 years and a pharmacist for over 14. Committed to delivering Port Kennedy’s ultimate customer service experience, George is the person to speak to if you’d like to resolve an issue with your existing medication.

Kellie - Proprietor Pharmacist

Proprietor Pharmacist

Kellie has lived in the Port Kennedy-Rockingham area all her life. The mother of one is also a “go-to” person if you’d like to talk about first aid care or any of your medication woes. 

Jessica A - Pharmacist

Jessica A

Newest pharmacist on our team, Jessica is a wealth of knowledge on anything medication related, but that not her only passion. Ask her anything about food, cakes and even dress making. This pharmacist is a true all rounder.

Jean - Pharmacist


Jean is one of our pharmacists. With over 7 years experience as a pharmacist, one of which was in hospital, and constantly reading, Jean is a wealth of knowledge on both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical topics. Add to this her current studies in Naturopathy and complementary medicine, Jean really is our resident book worm.

Manpreet - Pharmacist


Recently married and always super chatty, Manpreet is one of our Sunday pharmacists who can fill you in on everything from your vitamin replacements, to precription medications, to organising a wedding.

Tammie - Head Buyer

Head Buyer

Fun and bubbly Tammie is the resident “Sherlock Holmes” on the St Clair team. No matter what sort of medication, vitamin or gift you’re looking for, chances are, if it can be sourced - Tammie will find it.

Christine - Accounts


Behind-the-scenes mother-of-two Christine, ensures the accounts are in order. Christine is responsible for finances, and makes sure George doesn't over spend! 

Leah - Dose Administration Aid Co-ordiantor

Dose Administration Aid Co-ordiantor

Super friendly Leah is the person to talk if you’d like your medication packaged into in an easy to administer blister pack. She’d also be our pick if you’re only looking for a bit of chat!

Georgi - Customer Service Consultant

Customer Service Consultant

No one really knows exactly what Georgi does. She's into a bit of everything. From dispensing prescriptions, to offering brilliant customer care, and also selling lotto, Georgi is the general all rounder that keeps us all smiling with her antics.

Shelby - Chief Lab Technician

Chief Lab Technician

Chief Lab technician Shelby is the bubble of our team. With an ability to talk to anyone, Shelby is the “big gun” we send in to ensure that you leave the pharmacy with a smile on your face.


Mikayla - Assistant Lab Technician

Assistant Lab Technician

Assistant Lab Technician Mikayla is fast becoming an expert at creating tailored medication. She ensures when you ask to have a medication tailored made that you get nothing but the best quality. As a professional cheerleader, you'll always find an extra spring in her step. 

Jessica - Make-up Consultant

Make-up Consultant

Ex model, and now make-up consultant, Jessica can help get you ready for everything from a special day, to just having the right colours and products for all your skin care and make-up needs.

Tanya - Customer Service Consultant

Customer Service Consultant

Spending all of her time at the service counter, Tanya is our matre de. She will ensure you're always being attended to, and with an ever growing knowledge of pharmacy, she is there to help you find anything in the store.

Carmel - Newsagency Manager

Newsagency Manager

Newsagency Manager Carmel ensures the newsagency side of the business runs smoothly. As the ballroom dancer on the St Clair team, Carmel never skips a beat.

Rebecca - Customer Service Consultant

Customer Service Consultant

Part-time consultant Rebecca loves children so much she is studying to be a teacher. A resident “weekender”, Rebecca delivers exceptional customer service in the newsagency.

Sophie - General All-rounder

General All-rounder

Dedicating herself to customer service, Sophie loves human interaction and is here to help you achieve your lotto dream. She is also a lab technician, and now studying to be a pharmacy assistant. As one of the youngest on the team, she is the one to turn to for almost all of your needs.