January 1st 2016 PBS Changes

As the New Year creeps up on us, there has been two important changes made to the PBS system effective from January 1st 2016. These changes affect which medications are covered under the PBS scheme, and the minimum price to be paid by you, and if there are any real savings to the patient.



Important Changes to How the Government Funds Your Medicines From 1st January 2016

From the 1st of January 2016 the government will be de-listing a number of medications from the PBS. The medications are ones that are available over the counter so that government has decided to no longer fund them.

Please be assured that these medications will continue to be available, but you will no longer be able to have them covered under a pension or concession card, nor will you require a prescription to buy them. Some of the items will continue to be covered for repat (DVA) clients.

The affected medicines are listed on the bottom of this page. Of note, the list includes Panamax®, Panadol Osteo® and Aspirin tablets, which are some of the most widely used medicines on the PBS.

For all of these medicines, we will ensure we offer you the best possible over the counter price and we will continue to offer our price match guarantee on all of the products we stock.

Medicines no longer on the PBS from 1st January 2016


Mylanta P Liquid and tablets

Gastrogel Liquid

Gaviscon P Liquid

Aspirin 100mg tablets

Solprin 300mg tablets

Dulcolax Suppositories

Bisacodyl Suppositories

Chlorsig Eye Drops and Ointment



Folic Acid tabs 500mcg & 5mg 

Vitamin B-12 Injection

Mycostatin/Nilstat Oral Drops

Paracetamol 500mg tabs (Panadol, Panamax, Parapane)

Panamax Liquid

Paracetamol 665mg tablets (Panadol Osteo/Osteomol) 



PBS Prescription Prices

Effective as of next year pharmacies will be allowed to discount the PBS patient co-payment (the minimum amount you are required to pay per prescription whilst the government covers the rest) by up to $1. This means that instead of paying $6.20 per prescription item, you can pay only $5.20. There are a couple of points to keep in mind though about this system, and I  have created a little table below to show you the difference it can make to you.

Please note a few points:

- This allowable  discount is subsidised by the pharmacy, and the government will save it's money by not allowing us to count the discount towards your PBS safety net value.

- Any prescriptions dispensed early under the Safety Net 20 day  rule cannot be discounted under law.


Please find here a  table of the 2 options you may have. Please advise us as to which option would you like to take, and remember that we always have our Price Match policy in effect.



                 OPTION A                                                 OPTION B

$1 Discount          No Discount 
 Pay $5.20 per script    Pay $6.20 per script
 Safety Net Value = $372    Safety Net Value = $372
 Number of scripts needed = 72    Number of scripts needed = 60
 Reach Safety Net LATER    Reach Safety Net EARLIER
 LESS TIME in 2016 with FREE scripts    MORE TIME in 2016 with FREE scripts


Written by George Salib

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