At St Clair, we care about your patients, your clients, and your practice!

A veterinarian’s job is never easy. Not only do you have to keep your patients happy and healthy, you also must satisfy your clients and ensure the success of the practice. We understand these concerns, and so have made doing business with St Clair as simple as possible. We are open 7 days a week, and we compound 5 days a week. Orders can be sent by email, fax, or snail mail. Enquiries can also be made over the phone. A quick turnaround ensures that your patients stay healthy, and ensures your clients’ satisfaction.

You'll get superior value.

In addition to our extremely competitive prices, we also offer quantity price breaks. If we can save you money in a way you didn’t know was possible, we will let you know! St Clair also offers the service of nationwide express postage. We also notify when the product is ready, or when we pop it in the post, so your client knows when to expect it. We can also provide up-to-the-minute shipping information. Our consistent, professional packaging and customer service tailored to each patient help to improve your clients' loyalty.

Your unique needs are met.

Have you ever tried to put cream on an echidna? We have. Our team of compounding pharmacists and technicians is ready to help.  Would you prefer that we ship and bill to your clients?  Just ask us!  Is there a medication that is unavailable from your suppliers, either due to back-order or out-of-stock? Is a manufactured medication you need on back order or has it been removed from the market? Check here first.  Do you practice a specific veterinary medical specialty? Let us know. Our business is all about meeting the unique needs of your business. We aim to support medical professionals, their clients and their patients.  One prescription at a time.

You'll improve your clients' knowledge and your patients' compliance.

Did you know that clients’ frustration with medicating their pets medication is directly connected to the profitability of your practice?

These facts from a recent study[1] may surprise you:

[1] Albers, J. DVM, Hardesty C. Compliance: Taking Quality Care to the Next Level

When it comes down to what matters most, you and your clients can confidently turn to St Clair Pharmacy.

We share your passion for pets.

Our compounding pharmacists, technicians, and customer care specialists all have different backgrounds, but there is one thing that we all have in common. We love animals. Whether we are speaking to you, compounding medications, or packaging them for postage, our enthusiasm for pets is obvious. At St Clair, our staff are lucky. Not only are they passionate about what they do, they do what they are passionate about.


You can count on us.

You need to know that your pharmacy understands you and your pet. Our chief compounding  pharmacist specializes in animal health. This includes continuing education in pharmaceutical care and compounds for veterinary patients; advanced canine and feline therapeutics; and avian and exotic pet pharmacotherapy. Every compounding and dispensing technician and customer care specialist is a St Clair Pharmacy certified pharmacy technician. You can be confident that one of the most qualified and caring teams in the industry is trained to deliver the quality and consistency you expect from your pharmacy.

Your clients trust you with the lives and well-being of their pets. And when you determine a course of therapy for your patients, you need a compounding pharmacy you can trust.

At St Clair Pharmacy, we’re meticulous about every prescription we handle, from compounding to dispensing. Our stringent quality control programs mean that every prescription meets the specifications of the pharmacy industry and the high standards you deserve. Each compounded preparation we dispense undergoes at least five pharmacist-checks to ensure quality and accuracy. 

When so much is on the line, it’s important to choose a compounding pharmacy you can trust with your reputation and your patients’ health. When you select a compounding pharmacy, be sure to ask questions like these:

Quality Assurance Checklist

Question St Clair Pharmacy Others
Do you purchase pharmaceutical-grade chemicals (USP, NF equivalent) from quality suppliers? Y
Do you obtain Certificates of Analyses for all formula ingredients?


Do you maintain both master formulas and lot-specific worksheets for all compounds? Y


Can you immediately trace a prescription back to the original formula log-sheet and the source of ingredients?


Is every step of the compounding process from prescribing to compounding and labelling through dispensing reviewed and verified by a licensed pharmacist? Y


Do you verify the potency of finished compounds through weight, volume and yield checks?


Do you perform pH testing on all appropriate compounds?


Are your pharmacists, technical and customer care staff dedicated to compounding?


Does the pharmacy have adequate liability insurance?


Are you active members of the PCCA and the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists?

Dosage forms list

You understand the pressures of running a business — and so do we. Non-compliance, losing customers and the high cost of inventory are key challenges that your practice faces every day. These challenges could cost your practice your most valuable assets: time, money and patients. That's why we utilise innovative ways to deliver medications, services and solutions that go beyond the basics to help you with every facet of your practice.  Learn more about how St Clair Pharmacy can help you improve patient compliance, increase client retention and control costs.

Non-compliance: When pets won't cooperate.

Compliance is a daily issue for far too many veterinarians and pet owners. Many pet owners don't realise the dangers and consequences of abandoning or interrupting treatment. In some cases, owners inadvertently put their beloved pets’ lives at risk. However, most owners are not aware of other options that could make administering medications more pleasant for them and their pets. When they become frustrated with administering medication, they may just decide to take their business to another practice. At St Clair, we see this situation regularly. When non-compliance results in lost business, it could cost your practice more than you realise.


8 ways to make non-compliance a non-issue.

  1. Give pet owners information about the dangers of non-compliance.
  2. Give pet owners simple, detailed instructions and easy administration techniques.
  3. Prescribe medications that taste better.
  4. Prescribe medications that are smaller and easier to administer.
  5. Prescribe medications that are more affordable, when possible.
  6. Provide refill reminders.
  7. Make it easier, safer and more convenient for pet owners to get the medications they need.
  8. Increase communication and follow-up with pet owners.

Let St Clair Pharmacy do our part to help.

St Clair Pharmacy is dedicated to ensuring that your patients not only receive the proper medications they require, but continue to take them as you prescribed. That's why we offer solutions like a massive range of flavours and innovative dosage forms to help make medications more pleasing to even the most uncooperative animals. We also offer patient counselling materials that give owners information about the important of adherence and offer administration tips. Owners can also receive repeat reminders as an SMS to their mobile to ensure there is no interruption in their pets' treatment schedules.

They'll look forward to their medcations with treats and paw pastes.

Now you can give your patients the medications they need… and treat them at the same time! Flavours like grilled chicken and tuna mean that medication time can be less of a headache for your clients and patients. Treats can be made chewy or crunchy, and cats can’t get enough of delicious paw pastes in dose-calibrated pumpps (which makes dosing accurately easier for owners!). Everything is flavoured with the tastes that pets love, so they’re easy for pet owners to administer.

Mini caps and flavoured caps deliver big.

Big capsules can be a big problem for uncooperative pets and their owner. St Clair Pharmacy has an innovative, miniature solution. Mini caps can make life that little bit easier. Flavoured caps (like beef and chicken) can be of assistance when a medication odour requires masking. The best part? These options cost no more than regular capsules!

When all else fails, prescribe AccuPen.

With the AccuPen transdermal-gel applicator, you won’t have to worry whether cats that refuse certain capsules and oral liquids are receiving their prescribed medications. With a simple press of the button, owners can accurately and easily medicate their cats.

Repeat reminders mean one less thing to think about.

You already know that a major factor of non-compliance is a pet owner who doesn't repeat prescriptions. That's why St Clair Pharmacy reminds your clients with a simple SMS when their pets' prescriptions are due to be repeated. We will also remind owners when their repeats are running low, so they can visit you to get a new prescription.

Increased information leads to increased compliance.

The more informed owners are about the adverse consequences of non-compliance, the less likely they are to stop their pets' prescribed treatment schedules. St Clair Pharmacy takes patient education very seriously. Our pharmacists and customer care specialists are available to answer any questions pet owners may have -- either by telephone or in person. We offer client counselling materials to give them important information about the compounded preparations you prescribe for their pets.


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Client Retention: A Lost Art.

A measure of success for any practice is the ability to retain patients. Even though you're doing everything you can, it isn't always quite as easy as it sounds. There are many reasons pet owners switch practices. There may be reasons you can't control, such as patient relocation, or reasons you can, like lack of time or attention during office visits. Whatever, the reason, client loyalty and retention are definitely on a decline. And this trend could be costing your practice.

Did you know?: The high cost of defection

No veterinary practice can retain all of its patients. According to recent studies, the number of unhappy veterinary clients may be larger than you think.

7 ways to increase client loyalty and retention.

  1. Provide information to owners so that they can become active participants in their pet's health.
  2. Spend quality time with patients and their owners during office visits.
  3. Create a comfortable, welcoming environment.
  4. Provide ongoing training for your staff, so they can be increasingly responsive and helpful.
  5. Limit waiting time for pets and their owners.
  6. Increase communication and follow-up, like a phone call, with pet owners.
  7. Provide treatment solutions for hard to-treat pets.

St Clair Pharmacy Can Help You Keep Your Patients.

Face time, unique treatment solutions, educational information, tips and easy ways to get medications are services that pet owners want and expect for their veterinarians. St Clair Pharmacy knows you care about your clients, and we do, too. That's why offer a range of solutions to keep them happy -- and to keep them coming back to you.

More options allow you to treat more patients.

St Clair Pharmacy offers thousands compounded preparations, with new formulations added all the time. You can trust our dedicated team of pharmacists  to formulate the precise medication your patient needs. And when a commercially available medication becomes unavailable, St Clair Pharmacy may be able to compound that medication so the patient's treatment regimen is sustained.

Knowledge is power.

When your clients feel they are true partners in the health of their pets, they are more likely to remain loyal to your practice. On this site and in-store, you, your staff and your patients can find information about compounded medications. We offer client counselling materials, information on drugs and dosage forms, and much more. All you need to do is ask, and it’s our pleasure to get you exactly what you need.

Increase profits by saving time and lowering costs.

If you're like most business owners today trying to improve profitability, you're looking for ways to increase efficiency and client retention, and decrease the cost of carrying inventory.

Did you know?: The drop in profits

6 fresh ways to control your practice's expenses.

  1. Reduce inventory — fewer products on your shelves mean more money for the practice. Stop carrying items that you haven't ordered in the past year.
  2. Order so that your inventory arrives just before you need it.
  3. Capture your clients' e-mail addresses and communicate information electronically communication.
  4. Pay bills with a credit card that gives you cash back or rewards.
  5. Negotiate lower fees with your merchant account when your clients pay with a credit card.
  6. Trade time spent with vendors for time spent with patients. Choose vendors that are reliable, high quality and easy to work with; vendors that are an extension of you, and are committed to improving efficiencies and the job satisfaction of your staff.

St Clair Pharmacy can help you improve your profits.

At St Clair Pharmacy, we are focused on saving you money and time. We're decreasing costs by increasing efficiency in our own business to bring you lower-priced medications, ways to reduce inventory and time-saving services.

Reducing preparation prices makes treatment affordable.

We do our best to reduce the time and cost it takes to prepare medication every time we compound a preparation. This means we, like you, get the best deals possible on the ingredients we purchase from trusted, quality suppliers. This means we suggest a longer supply for chronic conditions, meaning money is saved on the quantity price-break.  This means we'll suggest combining multiple medications into one preparation when appropriate, saving money. When we minimize our costs, we can pass that savings on to you and your patients. 

Have prescriptions delivered directly to your patients.

St Clair Pharmacy offers the option of having prescriptions delivered directly to your patients, saving you shelf space and inventory carrying costs. At your request, we will bill and ship the medication you prescribe directly to your clients' homes.