Pain Management

Every individual is unique, and the types of pain experienced can be equally diverse. By working with a compounding pharmacist, physicians can prescribe treatments tailored specifically for the patients pain management needs.

Worried about unwanted side effects?

If you associate pain relief with unwanted side effects (like drowsiness or stomach upset), the team at St Clair Pharmacy might be able to help.

Drawing on over 25 years of combined experience in compounding medicines, St Clair Pharmacy can tailor pain management according to your needs.

The professional team at St Clair can find solutions to side effects, and can create formulas to relieve pain that can’t be helped with “normal” medications.

By scientifically combining the ingredients of traditional pain medications with alternate methods of delivery such as:

Looking for a another alterantive?

If you are struggling with problems such as:

There may be a better way for you to manage your pain.

To find out more, talk to one of the professional compounding pharmacists at St Clair Pharmacy.
*any information in this article is of general nature and must not be used for diagnostic purposes

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